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Founded in 1981, ENCARE has grown to a National organization of Injury Prevention Providers and Instructors who work to decrease unintentional injuries across the entire age spectrum. What started as an Alcohol Awareness program for teens has expanded into a safe driving behaviors program for teenagers and young adults. The focus has shifted to making the right decisions when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. The TAKE CARE program was eventually added to the list of ENCARE programs. The TAKE CARE program treats public health issues such as safe medication use, falls prevention, safe mobility, safe driving decisions, and pedestrian safety among older adults.    

This year, Utah ENCARE is focusing on teaching teens about how dangerous it is to text and talk on the phone while driving. 

Teenagers typically feel invincible thinking "nothing bad will happen to me". Ronda Clarke is our ENCARE Chair this year and is looking for members to help present this topic to high schools throughout the state. We are currently working on a grant to help fund our ENCARE program. (meaning you may get paid for your time ) If you feel passionate about this topic and would like to participate, contact Ronda for more information.