Utah ENA Delegate Application

            Every year, members of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) from each state are able to attend the National Conference as delegates, who help vote on bylaws and changes that affect the National organization. As a delegate, you are a representative of the State and of your fellow Emergency Nurses in the State of Utah. The General Assembly 2018 has now passed. Here is the 2019 delegate application. The 2019 National ENA conference will be held in Austin, Texas on September 29th - October 2nd, 2019. Click Here for more information.
As a delegate for the State of Utah, several key items are important to discuss in relation to this position. Being a delegate, you are required to:

 1.      Attend all General Assembly meeting at the National Conference

2.      Be knowledgeable about the bylaws and proceedings of the National ENA

3.      Present information at the end of the year of the General Assembly to the Utah State Council regarding the changes at this year’s conference.

 Eligibility to be a delegate is outlined below. If you have any questions of concerns about the requirements, please contact the Utah State Council. Eligibility is dependent upon:

 1.    must be a current ENA member

2.    must be a current RN with an unencumbered license or any restrictions

  Along with being eligible, several other factors are weighted to help the Utah State Council determine who to send. The weighted factors (based on points) are below in different sections. Complete each section to the best of your knowledge. The last section is a short narrative (250 words max) explaining why you would like to serve as a delegate for the State of Utah at the National Conference and how you plan to disseminate this information and help strengthen the Utah ENA membership.  We look forward to reviewing all of the applications and will notify you of your status by the 2nd week in July 2017. The conference will be held the third week of September 2017 and the State will help supplement costs for delegates to attend. Any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Utah State Council.

Complete the form below, attach the completed form and return it via email to:

Daphne Thomas
Email: daphne-thomas@byu.edu

If you have an questions regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the email link above. We will respond as soon as possible.